A better path for black and white photo conversion


I've used several methods over the years to convert digital photos to black & white. Here's what I've learned. And don't worry if you don't have Photoshop (PS), I’ll discuss a solid free software option as well.

Starting out, the Desaturate tool in PS was the obvious choice. Using that in conjunction with the Contrast and Levels controls offered some tweakability control beyond the basic desaturation operation. While these methods may suffice for some applications, I learned a better (and more fun) way to pop some fantastic black and white photos by digging a little deeper.

Dig a little deeper...


Vector Portraits

Andrew Bush has made a fascinating series of images called "Vector Portraits, 1989-1997, Photographs made while traveling at 50-70mph in Los Angeles and other parts of the Southwestern United States".

dude driving a yellow 68 camaro

An entertaining take on that momentary glimpse of your fellow motorist delivered with a minimalist page layout, equally minimalist narration, and interspersed with wonderfully dry humor. I'm a bit of a car aficionado, so it was fun to see a throwback to the automotive landscape of my formative years.

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