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I am Nick Wiesneski, Renaissance man and sole proprietor of Vantage Point Design. I build websites, among other things. I also have expertise in editing and copy writing (to go with my English degree), 3D modeling, CAD drafting, and logo design. Please take a look around and feel free to contact me.

Jacob's Well Church


Completed a new website and identity concept for Jacob's Well Church. Their demographic focus tends to be college students, so the design reflects the culture and identity of the church in a way that speaks to that generation. A rich visual media impact packaged in an efficient and elegant layout. Social media tie-ins are utilized, along with blog feeds, automated sermon podcasting (ported to iTunes), all on an easily updated CMS platform. Graphic design work by Tiana Mae Design.

Trinity City Church


New website for a new church in Saint Paul, MN, Trinity City Church. Worked with the client to reflect their mission, values, and community in their web identity. Excellent graphic design work by Tiana Mae Design. Clear and concise content, along with clean and eye-catching visual design combine to make a website for Trinity City Church that gets the point across quickly to visitors while weaving in the unique and nuanced identity of the church.


Global Health Ministries


Full site redesign and structure for Global Health Ministries. Graphics and typography were designed in partnership with Tiana Mae Design. The site meets a variety of needs for GHM including communication to prospective volunteers and donors, providing resources for partner ministries, and raising awareness of their needs. Built on a flexible CMS platform, the site allows GHM to keep their site up to date, and facilitates for future growth. We also incorporated a photo slideshow system which allows GHM to simply upload new photos to their Flickr account and tag them according to which slideshow they want them to show up in on their website.

RIP "Web site"


The Associated Press has finally changed their stance, making "Web site" obsolete, and "website" the new standard.

We come across this ubiquitous word everywhere in our wired world, whether writing a resume, typing an email, or writing copy for a website (there it is already!). Yet we have had a hard time pinning down just what is the correct spelling - should it be capitalized, should it have a space? Some of the difficulty is a reflection of the vaporous nature of the thing itself. Oh the website; that intangible entity of ones and zeros that feels so real as we touch it through our mouses and keyboards, residing on what sometimes seems to have become our planet's eighth continent, the Internet.

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Straightedge for hand-coding Web design (Windows)


I've been designing websites more in Notepad++ than in Dreamweaver lately and found myself in need of an on-screen straightedge. At first I used the screen itself by pushing the browser window off the edge - works, but not great. A slightly better solution I found is to use the Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del). Since it's "always on top" by default, you can move either the browser or the Task Manager without losing your straightedge under a stack of windows.

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